Exploring Electroless Nickel Plating and Other Coating Techniques: A Dive into the World of Surface Treatments

  • Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence in Metal Coating

    For over two decades, our company has been at the forefront of...

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  • Podcast: Compound Metals Coatings’ President, Natalia Stephen, talks coatings, cleantech and challenges

    Compound Metal Coatings' President sits down to talk about the coatings industry,...

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  • Taking a closer look at electroless nickel plating?

    Natalia Stephen, President of Compound Metal Coatings Inc. and CEO of PVD...

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  • The new Canada-EU trade agreement: “the Wayne Gretzky of trade deals”

    According to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the new Comprehensive Comprehensive Economic and...

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  • The future of manufacturing: the rapid rise of “remanufacturing” and repatriation

    This article caught our eye ­ an insightful overview of the winds...

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  • Innovation driving integration: Husky acquires Schottli

    Hot off the industry presses – two global leaders join forces, in...

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