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Compound Metal Coatings Inc. is committed to providing high standard finishing services that satisfy customer expectations and requirements in a timely, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.

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Compound Metal Coatings Inc. is proud to be the largest provider of electroless nickel and composite coatings in Ontario. An industry leader since 2001, we offer exceptional solutions to a broad range of industries.
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Coating technologies are as diverse as the industries in which they are used. Medical, oil and gas, electronic, automotive and aerospace industries, manufacturing of molds, tools and dies, each require very specific types of surface treatment.


As part of our consulting service capabilities, we combine in-depth industry knowledge with broad process expertise and extensive experience in managing small, medium and large scale operations.

Our consulting team maintains the highest level of technical knowledge and latest market technologies to provide our clients with proven, yet innovative industry supported solutions for their needs.

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