Coatings for the Defence and Navy Sectors

    The military presents numerous unique problems that are solved by the corrosion and wear-resistant properties of electroless nickel. Catapult covers and tracks for aircraft carriers are EN coated for wear resistance and corrosive protection. The typical plating thickness is 0.003 inches. Electroless nickel is the most effective in preventing fretting wear and loss of keyway material through galvanic corrosion. Many components of military vehicles are plated with electroless nickel-like trunnions, rear mirrors, radar waveguides, and many more. Combination EN and PVD coatings as well as Ni PTFE are used to coat weapons, riffles, triggers/housings. Missile guidance systems also use Electroless nickel to provide corrosion protection.

    Many components used in space programme including components on the space shuttle used in fuel systems, gear systems, and fluid transfer systems are plated also with Electroless nickel and Electroless Nickel/PTFE coatings for corrosion protection, wear protection, and excellent lubricity. 

    As an approved provider for the defense and navy industries, we operate under “Control Goods Certificate 24899”, set for renewal in 2026. Our processes align with the rigorous standards of ASTM B 733-22 and MIL 26074-E. We are regularly audited by navy and military companies to ensure strict adherence to our processes and maintain our high-quality service.

    When manufacturing products for the military/defense industry, there is no margin for error. Machines such as tanks and armored personnel carriers must be built to exacting specifications, with no deviation permitted, to ensure they will be able to meet the rigorous demands of combat and other challenging conditions. High quality and exceptional durability of the finished products are also of utmost importance.

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