Clean Energy and Sustainability Sector

    In the push towards building a green future, coatings play a significant role in the Clean Energy and Sustainability sector. They enhance the performance and durability of equipment and infrastructure across different sub-industries, ensuring optimal operation and contributing to the broader objective of environmental sustainability.

    Nuclear Industry 

    In the nuclear industry, our coatings, such as Electroless Nickel and Nickel Boron Nitride, as well as Chromium nitrate, DLC and other PVD coatings help enhance the safety and performance of critical components. They offer exceptional resistance against corrosion and wear resistance. The high temperature and wear resistance properties of these coatings extend the life of components, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, contributing to safer and more efficient nuclear energy production.

    Hydrogen Generation 

    Hydrogen is increasingly seen as a crucial component of a green future, and in hydrogen production processes, our coatings prove invaluable.

    Electroless nickel is used to coat stack plates used in the production of hydrogen.

    The DLC and PVD coating offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance, making it well-suited for the harsh conditions found in hydrogen electrolyzers. Bipolar plates are coated with DLC and PVD coatings.

    Wind Energy In wind energy, the durability and operational efficiency of turbines are of utmost importance. The harsh operating conditions demand robust protection for various components. Our Electroless Nickel coatings provide the necessary protection against wear and corrosion for the components that are exposed to harsh outdoor environments, ensuring the reliable and long-term performance of wind turbines. This contributes significantly to a more sustainable and resilient wind energy sector.

    Solar Energy In the solar energy sector, our coatings help improve the efficiency and longevity of solar panels. The DLC process helps create a thin film on solar panels that can increase their ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. Our Diamond-Like Carbon Coating also adds a layer of protection against weathering and physical damage, ensuring solar panels continue to function optimally over a longer period.

    Carbon Capture, Storage and Transportation 

    The fight against climate change has led to the increasing importance of carbon capture and storage technologies. Here, our coatings like Electroless Nickel and PVD coatings can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, helping to increase the lifetime and efficiency of equipment used in carbon capture, transportation and storage processes.

    High phosphorus electroless nickel coating has been found extremely beneficial in coating the transport pipeline that transports CO2.

    It is found that a protective Ni-P coating significantly mitigates the corrosion effects from SC, CO2 and impurities. Concurrently, it effectively avoids localized corrosion. The corrosion inhibition efficiency of high PHOS Electroless nickel coating in this application is higher than 80%.

    Overall, our coatings are a vital part of the push towards a more sustainable future. They provide the necessary protection and performance enhancements for key infrastructure across the Clean Energy and Sustainability sector, facilitating the transition towards more sustainable and resilient energy systems.

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