Medical Devices and Implants

    Coatings are indispensable in the field of medical devices, contributing to their durability, operational efficiency, and hygiene. They protect these critical devices from wear and corrosion, thereby enhancing their performance and life span.

    We take pride in serving esteemed clients that are renowned for their medical device production, including complex equipment like CT scanners, diagnose equipment, ventilators components, as well as all mold components that are used in medical and pharmaceutical industries and so much more. We specialize in providing Ceramic Nickel, Electroless Nickel and PVD coatings for such devices.

    Ceramic Nickel offers excellent wear resistance and hardness, while Electroless Nickel, PVD coatings and DLC offer corrosion and wear resistance. These attributes ensure the high operational performance of medical devices, enhancing their reliability in various healthcare settings, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.

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