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    Electroless nickel is used widely in electronic applications mostly for its solderability, EMI shielding and corrosive protection, magnetic properties, and appearance properties, making this process the most used in this industry.

    A high phosphorus Electroless nickel is used to provide excellent sealing and resistance to weld and good ductility; medium phosphorus provides the best solderability and EMI shielding.  

    From heat sink to microwave components, transistors chips, memory discs, and PC boards, all housings and covers, all coated with electroless nickel or EN/ immersion gold. 

    Electroless Nickel/ immersion gold is primarily used for electric, electronic, and wire bonding applications. It plates a thin, gold deposit on electroless nickel. Masking is available for plating a specific area, an internal or external thread, as required.

    Its characteristics include:

    • Very good solderability.
    • A bright, uniform deposit.
    • It does not tarnish.

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