Advanced Coatings for the Automotive Industry

    In the automotive industry, coatings contribute significantly to the longevity and efficiency of parts by providing wear resistance and reduced friction. Our DLC and Electroless Nickel coatings help increase reliability and performance.

    The auto industry takes particular advantage of the uniformity of the electroless nickel deposit when used to plate components such as gears, heat sinks, fuel injectors. The new technology used in Electric vehicles are using electroless nickel extensively from engine parts to chargers and copper heat sinks.

    DLC is used for its tribological properties, hardness and corrosion protection.

    DLC and Electroless Nickel are the prime treatments we provide for automotive parts. These coatings aim at reducing wear and tear, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of vehicles while ensuring longevity.

    A few examples of components coated with Electroless nickel: carburetor components, ball studs, disc brake pistons & pad holders exhaust manifolds gear and gear assemblies.

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