Coatings for Oil and Gas Components

    High phosphorus Electroless Nickel plating provides excellent protection against corrosion, wear and heat resistance.

    As most of the oil and gas components like hubs, retainers, and ball valves, gate valves, pulleys, inlet nozzles, discharge manifolds, pipes, are exposed to seawater, corrosive fluids and wear, the need for electroless nickel coating is imperative.

    Usual thickness is 0.001-inch, but most valves are coated with 0.003-inch, high phosphorus electroless nickel. 

    At Compound Metal Coating we coat a large variety of oil and gas components that are made from a wide range of metals from stainless steel, hard steel, copper and copper alloy and aluminum.

    Co-deposition of Electroless nickel and diamond are often used for the most abrasive operations like the down hole equipment.

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