Compound Metal Coatings Inc.
September 8, 2023

Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence in Metal Coating

For over two decades, our company has been at the forefront of the metal coating industry, consistently delivering intricate and high-quality solutions. From electroless nickel to nickel PTFE, our expertise has allowed us to innovate and lead, catering to the evolving needs of our valued clientele. Our commitment to precision and excellence has not only earned us a stellar reputation but also the trust of businesses far and wide.

Last week, we commemorated our 22nd anniversary, a significant milestone that underscores our enduring dedication to the craft and our exceptional team. The celebration was an opportunity for reflection, gratitude, and reinvigoration as we look ahead. Graced by the presence of our talented team members, it was a heartfelt reminder of the collective effort behind every project we undertake. As we step into our 23rd year, we are more enthusiastic than ever, poised to push the boundaries of metal coating even further.

22 years anniversary today! Thank you, my amazing team, for the hard work and commitment to Compound Metal Coating.

Compound Metal Coatings Inc.

Compound Metal Coatings Inc. is proud to be the largest provider of electroless nickel and composite coatings in Ontario. An industry leader since 2001, we offer exceptional solutions to a broad range of industries.

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